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Hello everyone and Welcome to You Kawaii! I have always loved the Lolita/Kawaii style of fashion, and it is something I have been searching and purchasing for myself for a while now.

Here is where I will write about my opinions on new products I find, as well as my personal experiences and ideas about this style.

A Little Bit of My Story

While I was growing up, my mom never dressed me up like a princess, all colourful or just girly in general. I used to wear only pants and T-shirts (mostly oversized) and sneakers and I never really cared about all that very much, I didn’t care about style at all. That was until I started picking my own outfits.

When I started deciding what I was going to wear and buying my own clothes, I discovered a whole new world of glitter and colours and skirts and dresses and I just instantly fell in love! I started digging deep into the laces, bows, high socks, unicorns and rainbows that I never got to wear as a child, and it made me so happy and feel so much ME, it was just really wonderful. Even if I couldn’t afford something, I would (and still do) save the outfits from the stores for the day I could have that for myself.


A Whole New Side of Me

In my searching, I discovered that my style (and personality) is the kawaii/little one, which means it is very cute and girly, with a lot of pastel colours, fluffy high socks, bows, flared skirts, doll dresses, cute jumpers, shiny, cute and fluffy shoes, things like that. And I have found that while these things made me feel SO cute (!!), they also made me feel more comfortable and sure about myself like I was finally being me and finding my own identity. And it also helps that the great majority of those are REALLY comfortable, which is a plus and just amazing in general.


My Time to Share

Because I have researched all these things for me, now I have a whole library of outfits and cute little things, which I now will be sharing with you! I want to help people like me to find cute things they can have, without losing their personality and keeping happy, comfortable and confident.

If you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at =)


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