Sumikko Gurashi
by Barbara Carrasco | 4:23 pm

Sumikko Gurashi – The Cuties That Won My Heart

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I stumbled upon a game at the Nintendo Switch e-shop and decided to download the demo to try it out. It ended up being one of

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by Barbara Carrasco | 1:56 pm

Hot Chocolate Design – Chocolaticas Double Topping Emma Review

A while ago I told you about some great Lolita shoes for your different outfits, and one of the brands I mentioned the most was Hot Chocolate Design. Today, I want to talk about

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by Barbara Carrasco | 5:54 pm

Pusheen Cat – Why We Love And Need It So Much

Hello, my little kittens! How are you doing today? Let’s face it, we all know who Pusheen is, right? And if we’re honest, we are all deeply in love with it. Pusheen has been

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Studio Ghibli
by Barbara Carrasco | 11:17 am

What Studio Ghibli Has Taught Me – Girl Power in Emotion

I have been in love with Studio Ghibli movies since forever. I first watched Spirited Away when I was around 9 or 10 years old, and I already felt how different and incredible that

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by Barbara Carrasco | 5:54 am

About Barbara

Hello everyone and Welcome to You Kawaii! I have always loved the Lolita/Kawaii style of fashion, and it is something I have been searching and purchasing for myself for a while now. Here is

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