by Barbara Carrasco | 5:54 pm

Pusheen Cat – Why We Love And Need It So Much

Hello, my little kittens! How are you doing today? Let’s face it, we all know who Pusheen is, right? And if we’re honest, we are all deeply in love with it. Pusheen has been

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Kawaii Girl on Window
by Barbara Carrasco | 11:41 am

Cute Bedroom Ideas – How To Have A Kawaii Bedroom!

Hey, everyone! How are you doing today? I missed you all so much. ♥ I am finally in the new house! Everything is still a mess and all over the place, but I am

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Pink Kawaii Outfit
by Barbara Carrasco | 5:02 pm

How To Be Kawaii – Unleash the Cuteness Inside You!

Okaerinasai, little ones! For the past few weeks, I’ve been going on and on about kawaii this and kawaii that, but what does all that mean, really? What does it mean to be kawaii,

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