Pink Wine Valentines
by Barbara Carrasco | 3:13 pm

I know, I know… I am VERY late. Valentine’s is today and here I am, writing about it. Who makes plans for Valentine’s Day ON Valentines Day? Well… Me, apparently.

My boyfriend and I have so much going on right now. There is work stuff, insurance stuff, visa stuff, blog stuff, pet stuff, whatever stuff, AND we are moving to a different house (Oh, you will see pictures ♥), so we are all over the place. Which means that we didn’t even notice it was already Valentine’s!

So now we have no plans, obviously no reservations in fancy places and, honestly, no money. What to do? If you are also asking yourself that question, here are some very cute Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your significant other to do together on this romantic day, without spending a lot of money. ♥

Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in Bed

Isn’t waking up to the smell of your favourite food the best way ever to wake up?


There really is no going wrong with this one. It’s sweet, shows you care, and you get an excuse to stay in bed a little longer. How better can it get?

Make sure you include all or their favourite breakfast foods. Are they a more juice and toast kind of person or is it going to be pancakes? Bacon and Eggs? Black coffee, tea? Yogurt? It may sound like small details but it shows them how much you know and care about them 🙂

Also! Don’t forget to bring food for yourself. In the heat of the moment, you might forget about your things and end up sharing theirs or pretending you are not hungry and not eating at all. Not that that has happened to me… ^^’

Watch Your Favourite Movies



What do you mean we already saw this movie four times? Don’t you mean we ONLY saw it four times?


Cozy up on the couch or throw some mattresses and pillows on the floor, make some popcorn, grab your favourite candy, and marathon your way through the day.

My boyfriend and I usually watch Disney or Studio Ghibli movies (when I choose), or some grown-up film he just cannot believe I haven’t watched yet, like Moulin Rouge. I know! I watched it now, it’s amazing, he was right.

Talk to them and find a movie (or series) that both of you will enjoy. Maybe some romantic films, or comedy or horror, whatever makes you happy.

Picnic (For The Warm Places)



The best excuse to leave the house and get some sun on your skin.


Picnics make me happy. Wait, let me rephrase that. Any excuse for an event or date that includes food makes me happy. You tell me we are going out and I might cry, but say there is food involved and I am up and ready in less than 10 minutes.

But besides my undying love for food, picnics are so romantic! You can pack all your favourite snacks, juices and sweets, find a nice little spot at the park and share a lovely afternoon together.

The only thing that could top that is if the forest animals came and I started singing and dancing with him around the park, like the good little princess I am. But since Disney hasn’t taught me how to do that yet, a romantic day with my boyfriend, good food and a nice book, is a wonderful date for me 🙂

Ice Skating (For the Cold Places)


Ice Skates

Imagine dancing around with your sweetheart, twisting and jumping and– OUCH! Did I fall again?


Now, I have never ice skated myself. My boyfriend keeps telling me how nice and fun it is and trying to convince me to go, but I must admit I am too clumsy and afraid to make such a commitment.

But I do believe him when he says it is great, and I wish I wasn’t so afraid because when I see it on TV, it looks so magical and beautiful. Even when they fall it looks like they are having fun! You can help each other and hold hands the whole time, and if everything goes wrong you will fall together. Doesn’t that sound romantic? *-*

Unfortunately, I am not quite there yet, but I do trust my boyfriend and that is why I recommend you go if you are braver or a little more confident in yourself than I am. And if you do go, please tell me and encourage me so I can go soon, I really want to try it out ♥

Build a Blanket Fort


Blanket Fort

There is no coziest place in the world for you to cuddle and spend some time together ♥


I know this is not as conventional or grown-up like the other ones, but I promise, it is just as fun! And, you spend zero money on this one. It’s really amazing.

Grab all your blankets, pillows, mattresses and chairs, and build the ultimate cozy palace in your house. The project itself is so much fun, and after you are done you can cozy up, drink some hot chocolate and just… be together.

You can read books to each other, tell stories, play a board game or even bring a pet with you if you have any. Stuffed animals also love blanket forts, and even thou they don’t help much in building them, they will make the place even cozier and nice.

Some safety tips: Don’t stack chairs or anything heavy that might fall on you! It’s better to make a smaller fort than to get a bruise, Okay? Also, candles may sound romantic and feel like a good idea, but every single thing around you is flammable and might catch on fire. I can’t stress that enough. Bring lanterns or lamps, but no fire, please.

Make Dinner Together


Valentine's Day Cookies

Cookies are dinner too. I baked them, I earned these calories!


You really don’t have to be a chef to cook some dinner with your partner. Just the experience itself is so pleasant, and you can help each other with the things the other doesn’t like.

They can cut the meats, spices and veggies for you while you handle the stove, or they can mix the ingredients while you dress the salad and make everything pretty.

If you are both very horrible or just don’t like cooking, just turn up the music, pour yourselves some wine, beer or whatever drink you like, put some nuggets (or cookies. You are a grown-up, eat what you want!)  in the oven and dance while you wait for your dinner to get ready. What matters is that you do it together, and have fun while doing it. ^^

Play Some Games


Couple PS4

Can I be your Player 2? ♥


It doesn’t have to be a video game. Grab a board game, guessing game, play with your dog, dress-up, make a contest, invent a whole new game, it really is up to you!

As long as you are both willing and can agree to a game you both like, the limit is your imagination. See who can throw more peanuts into the other’s mouth, hide little things around the house for your partner to find (it could even be little gifts), play hide-and-seek!

If you are having fun and spending time together, that’s already a win. 🙂

Work on a Cute Project Together


Creating Perfume

Some things are much easier and fun to make than you think. This is all you need to make a perfume, for example!


Choose a nice little project you and your love can work on. It doesn’t need to be anything big or fancy, as long as both of you are working on it, anything counts.

Build a snowman if there is still snow, make some kawaii soap (which I will be talking about in the future ♥), rearrange things around the house, make a kawaii slime, as I showed before. My boyfriend actually helped me make that one! From coming with me to buy the ingredients, to taking pictures and helping adjust the consistency. We both played a lot with it later and had so much fun!

You can take some time and plan ahead or just wake up and decide on a project on the spot. Even if things go wrong and the result is not what you expected, you will still have gone through all of it together, and that is a wonderful bonding ♥



Karaoke Microphone

♪ Let it Go! Let it Go! ♪


I love singing. My boyfriend used to sing in a band. So we were clearly made for each other obviously do it a lot. It can even be a good idea to go to karaoke and sing your lungs out, but what I mean here is doing it at your own house.

Grab your microphone, or as I like to call it, the hairbrush, put some YouTube videos and sing like there is no tomorrow. Make a contest, sing a duet, choose songs for the other one to sing, perform The Time of My Life so well that even Baby will be proud, jump at the end and all.

You can even find karaoke versions of songs on YouTube, and I have to say it’s one of the most entertaining things I have done. You don’t worry about embarrassing yourself in front of strangers, you can choose any song you like, and no one complains if you sing Reflection from Mulan five times in a row. I highly recommend doing that, you are not gonna regret it!

Tea Party For Your Two And Your Stuffies


Tea Party

Oh yes, Mr. Snuggles, the weather was quite pleasant this morning, wasn’t it?


The most kawaii thing on the list, by far. You can even put an effort and grab your Classic Lolita Outfit, it matches perfectly with this very British date.

Gather all your stuffed animals around the table, make some tea, bring biscuits. You can even bake some cupcakes and cookies yourself! Or, if you can’t or are feeling lazy, buy them at your favourite bakery.

It’s a good excuse to show your darling how fancy you can be, and how you totally understand the difference between all those spoons and forks and… glasses… and… all that stuff! You can discuss grown-up things like money, the weather, movies, the most serious thing your stuffies did last week. You know, grown-up stuff?

It can be a very fun and very tasty activity, and it doesn’t take much of your day so you can do it with many other ideas from the list, even if as a little joke!

Don’t Forget The Reason For All This!



♪ Love is All You Need ♪


My boyfriend and I love trying new things. Visit places, taste different food, try new games, test new date ideas, you name it. We are always looking for fun ways to pass the time, and we both know the things we like and make us happy, so we are willing to do that for each other.

A 34-year-old man doesn’t (usually) build blanket forts or has tea parties with stuffed animals, but he knows that those things make me happy. It’s important to say that he also knows that I am not crazy and we are both well aware that I am a responsible, mature adult woman, even if I have kawaii and “childish” tastes. He doesn’t treat me like a child but knows that I need to be cuddled and cared for, and he makes a wonderful job doing that.

I don’t usually cook OR wake up early, but I know that cooking him breakfast will make him happy, and that means the world to me, especially today.

What I am trying to say is that, no matter what you choose to do, spending time with your partner and making them happy is what Valentine’s is all about. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts or go to fancy places, because it’s not money that is going to make your relationship a good one, you are. 🙂

I hope I was able to give you a couple of ideas, and if you have some different plans of your own, I would love to hear about it! Share your dream dates or past Valentine’s Day experiences in the comments and let me know what you love most about this day. ♥



Hey Barbara! That was a very cute post to read a day after the Valentine’s. One of the reason I did so is because like you, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on this day, and your cute, inexpensive ideas seem to give me a solution. Thank you for this post and Happy Valentine’s!

Feb 15.2019 | 03:51 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hey, Heku!
    Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the post. Sometimes we focus so much on giving gifts and spending a lot of money on our partners, that we forget the important part, to bond and celebrate the little things together 🙂
    Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, and have a wonderful week!

    Feb 15.2019 | 04:39 pm


What sweet ideas you have. I love how they are all child like and full of freedom. The picnic idea sounds great, now only if it was warm out yet!! I’d also love to make dinner together. It’s so much more connecting than going out to dinner. Thank you for a great post with great ideas.

Feb 15.2019 | 04:19 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hi, Monica! I’m so glad you like my ideas 🙂
    I am feeling the same thing about the picnic! It keeps on snowing and I just want to go out and enjoy nature for a change 🙁
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, have a wonderful week!

    Feb 15.2019 | 04:36 pm


This is such a cute post! I may have been a little late on reading this for valentines day but they are great ideas for dates in general! Looks like my girlfriend and I will be having a weekend full of fun with these ideas. Thank you!!

Feb 15.2019 | 05:37 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    I’m glad you like my post, Jesse! I hope you and your girlfriend have an amazing time. Do let me know if you use any of my ideas and how it went, okay? 🙂
    I wish you both a wonderful weekend!

    Feb 15.2019 | 06:15 pm


I love your ideas. Too bad i’m a day late. Better late than never, lol. I think I may have to use a couple of these this weekend. Building a fort sounds like a fun thing for a saturday afternoon. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

Feb 15.2019 | 06:25 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hey, Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I was also late with posting this, who posts about Valentine’s ON the actual day, in the afternoon? Oh, my head. lol
    Building a fort is soooo much fun, you are not gonna regret it! If you do build it, make sure to let me know how it went, I would love to hear about it. 🙂

    Have a wonderful and fun weekend!

    Feb 15.2019 | 07:20 pm


These are all lovely ideas and I wish I could do them all right now!! Haha.

Also I am so glad you have seen Moulin Rouge now… cause like. SO necessary!! Haha.

I think my husband needs to read this so he can bring me breakfast in bed 😏

Will be passing along to him haha!

Thanks for the great ideas! Love your blog 🙂


Feb 16.2019 | 10:54 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hi, Rae!
    I knoow, Moulin Rouge is so good, I took way too long to watch it!
    You should totally find an excuse to show this to your hubby, throw some hints xD
    I’m so glad you like my blog! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

    Feb 18.2019 | 06:10 pm

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