Pink Kawaii Outfit
by Barbara Carrasco | 5:02 pm

Okaerinasai, little ones! For the past few weeks, I’ve been going on and on about kawaii this and kawaii that, but what does all that mean, really?

What does it mean to be kawaii, and what can I do to be as cute as possible? Today, I’ll be talking about easy things you can do to be as kawaii as you can, and have fun while doing it!

Keep in mind that these are my takes on it and what I do to feel more kawaii. You might feel differently and have other approaches to it, and that is totally okay! This is not by any means a tutorial and you should only follow what makes you comfortable and happy 🙂

Wear Kawaii Clothes

I usually go for pastel colours and Disney characters. Obviously, Lolita Outfits are the ultimate Kawaii choice, but you don’t need to go that far.

A white dress with starts, a pastel pink shirt with a cherry pattern skirt and some thigh high socks, which you can find on my other post, and anything soft and cute that makes you feel kawaii, really. The secret here is that if people go “Awww” when they see you on the streets, you know you chose right 🙂


Kawaii Bathing Suit

Always find an excuse to dress as Kawaii as possible!


Have Plenty of Stuffed Animals

At this point, you probably got that I absolutely adore soft toys. They make everything better and there is really no going wrong.

I like taking my little ones in the purse when I go out, like to the grocery store. I’ll be in the middle of shopping, look into my boyfriend with the most sketchy eyes ever, slightly take my Sylveon out like I am doing something illegal, and watch him die laughing of how silly I am.

While the big ones are obviously not portable, I still carry them around the house and they are wonderful pillows and decorations and just make me feel cuter. But I have already talked in detail about this topic before.


Kawaii Stuffed Animals

Did I mention how I looove stuffies? ♥


Have Pastel Hair Colours Or Wigs

I am currently in the process of choosing a new colour to dye my hair. I have had highlights in my hair in many different colours, pink, purple, blue. green and Oh my God I loved it. But I didn’t actually discolour my hair at the time, and now I am at a point in which I feel ready for that commitment. You will absolutely hear about it as soon as it happens, I promise.

If you are not yet ready for that commitment, wigs are always a good alternative. You can have many different pastel colours options and just choose them based on your outfit or your mood, and it’s so practical and easy to care for them. If you are new to this wig world I made a review of a very good and reliable wig (and brand!) where you can start, with plenty of colour options to choose from.


Rainbow Hair

Having those pastel colours on your hair looks sooo Kawaii!


Find a Cute Hobby You Love

I love baking. I bake cookies and cheesecakes and cupcakes and it’s just something that makes me very happy. Every day, I look for new recipes of new things to do and I love to share this with other people. For the past year and a half, I have been renting a room in a shared house and it wasn’t as easy to bake my goodies as I would like. But like I said, I’ll be moving in a week (!!!) and I will be able to go back to baking! I am SO EXCITED, and I’ll post a lot of recipes in the future. ♥

You can also work on little kawaii projects you like. You could make bath bombs, soap, and even slime, which is so fun to make and to play. Anything that makes you happy and cute while doing it, really.


Painting Nails

Painting your nails with cute colours and patterns is so much fun!


Smile And Giggle a Lot

Kawaii girls are always giggly, that’s a fact. You can act silly, make stupid little jokes and laugh at them. The more you laugh the cuter you will look, and people will want to make you laugh even more.

It’s amazing to know you can be yourself around your friends, without needing to pretend you are a serious grown-up who doesn’t giggle at a fat squirrel who is just seating underneath a tree trying to crack open another nut. Or when you mispronounce a word and your boyfriend looks at you with those eyes and you know he is going to make fun of you for the rest of the week. We are all human and we make mistakes, so why not laugh at our own as well?

When you learn not to take yourself too seriously, everything is much easier and you’ll feel much better about yourself. 🙂


Kawaii Woman Happy

It’s so important to BE HAPPY!


Follow Kawaii Blogs And Sites

I follow plenty of tutorial channels on YouTube for kawaii projects and items review, and I love to scroll around Tumblr and see the most kawaii pictures, art and videos.

I do have a Tumblr and if you want to follow me feel free to do it! I mostly reblog things I find kawaii and post personal pictures and ideas from time to time. I’ll be more than happy to talk and make friends with you all. ♥

I also spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning absolutely everything I might like, especially kawaii outfits and recipes for new desserts to try out. It’s very good to follow Kawaii blogs and channels to get ideas to inspire you, from decorations to outfits to lifestyle, so I highly recommend it.


Kawaii Workplace

Blogging about Kawaii things make you feel more Kawaii!


Decorate Your Bedroom

You can go absolutely crazy here. Your bedroom is your personal space and you can do whatever you want with it. If you can paint the walls that’s even better, but not necessary.

I really like pink, so I usually go for that when decorating my bedroom, but any pastel colour is good. From bedding to pillows and stuffies, you can give your bedroom your own personality and make it feel like a safe place for you.

I have plenty of Mario and Pokémon toys around my bedroom and a handmade sign with my nickname that my boyfriend made me when he picked me up at the airport. ♥ It’s so cute and makes it feel like home. The best part about how I decorated it is that no matter where I look, I feel kawaii and loved and safe, which is just amazing. 🙂


Pink Bedroom

Go wild on your choices and colours! It’s your little space, after all.


Never Curse And Always Be Polite

Kawaii girls don’t curse! No one should, obviously, but what good is there in looking adorable and sweet if you have a dirty mouth?

This may sound silly, but it is very important. And it actually comes naturally with the giggling part. Be happy, be pleasant, be polite. You have no idea of the power of saying “Please” and “Thank You”.

It’s little things like this that make people see how precious you are. And when I say people, I am including yourself. You’ll see how you can feel better and love yourself more with just changing your attitude. You can feel a lot cuter and adorable just by acting accordingly.


Woman Smiling

Be polite! Be pleasant! Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


Accessorize E V E R Y T H I N G

Pins! Stickers! Laces! Bows! You can accessorize everything. From your hair to your bag to your clothes and yourself.

Put some bows on your hair, pins on your bags, wear bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, throw some glitter in the air and let it fall all over you. It’s amazing. You will feel so kawaii and happy, I swear.

The more kawaii the accessory the better. Go for pastel colours and famous characters, like Sanrio, unicorns, Pokemon, or anything that makes you feel kawaii and adorable. You can even glue some silicone squishies to your phone case and make it look extra adorable.

Try different combinations on what makes you feel sweet and comfortable at the same time. Put some light, pastel, or glittery make-up on and go about your business feeling like the little princess you are.


Kawaii Accessories

Accessories on your hair, accessories on your bag, accessories on your laptop, on your books, on your stuffies, clothes, phone…


Wear Oversized Sweaters

There is absolutely nothing in this world that makes me feel more adorable than an oversized sweater. I usually save this for when I am at home, especially with my boyfriend sweaters.

I just feel so small and kawaii. I get to act silly waving my arms in the air and watching the sleeves fly around with that much extra space. It helps a lot that my boyfriend finds it adorable and laughs and cuddles me when he sees me doing it, so I just feel even more kawaii.

There are even some sweater dresses that look simply divine, and with the right kawaii shoes, you can go out on the streets without looking like a goofball!

I know it’s a very small thing, but it feels so good. You stay cozy and warm and so, so small. Feeling this petite just makes it extra kawaii, I promise. 🙂


Oversized Sweater

♥ Soooo comfy and soooo gooooood ♥


Collect Things That Make You Happy

This could be absolutely anything. Little Pokémon, flowers, stickers, pretty rocks, shells, toys, stuffed animals, squishies, bows, marbles, there are literary endless possibilities of things you can collect.

I collect stuffed animals (you don’t say, Barbara?), little toys, especially those that come with the Happy Meal and Kinder Egg, and mugs. I LOVE mugs! They are my favourite gift to get and it just makes me so happy. I drink everything I can in my mugs, even water.

If it’s something that makes you happy and looks kawaii, go for it! You’ll see that just looking at your collection will make you feel so proud and good about yourself, and depending on what you collect you get to play or count it and just have fun!


Marble Collection

Gather all those little kawaii treasures you always wanted to have!


As Kawaii As You Can Be

Of course, there are many other little things you do that will make you feel and look kawaii. And you don’t have to do ALL the things I said just to be Kawaii.

Having black hair and not wearing wigs is not going to make you less kawaii than the girls who have rainbow hairs and wear bows all the time. The things on this list are the ones that make me feel kawaii and adorable, but everyone is different and you should find the things that work out for you.

What makes you feel kawaii? Do you agree to the things on the list, or is there something you don’t think is right? Let me know in the comments below how you feel about this and what you do to be more Kawaii. 🙂

Thank you so much for being with me again, and I’ll see you guys soon with some very good news (and a new house! ♥)



That is a very interesting article! I’m gonna share this to my friends, they need to know how to be kawaii haha! Thank you for this cool article!

Feb 22.2019 | 10:19 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much! Please do share with your friends. 😀
    I’m so glad you like my article. Have a wonderful week!

    Feb 23.2019 | 12:35 am


Hi Barbara, thanks for sharing such kawaii post! The total article is brimming with cute sense, very interesting!
I like girls to be kawaii, it extend a sense of cuteness and need to be protected.
While my sister always dress and behave like a boy, and still get no boyfriend yet.. i will forward this post to her, hope will be helpful to her..haha!

Feb 23.2019 | 03:36 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hey, Shaun!
    I’m so glad you like my post, thank you so much!
    Kawaii girls do have that need to be protected usually, I love it 😀
    But about your sister, is she looking for a boyfriend or is she happy the way things are? Maybe being kawaii is not the thing for her… 🙂
    Do show her the article thou, she might like some ideas!

    Thank you for the comment, have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Feb 23.2019 | 02:20 pm


I love your article, I think it is fantastic to keep dreaming and seeing life through pink sunglasses! We tend to get soooo serious when we’re adults! Keep this spirit, it is beautiful! I will share your article with my teenage daughter, she will absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing.

Feb 23.2019 | 07:24 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much, Karen!
    That is so true. When we get older we usually leave the “silliness” behind and forget to enjoy ourselves.
    I just love to play and laugh at the small things! It makes me feel better with myself. 🙂
    Please do show your daughter! I hope she enjoys my article too. ^^

    Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    Feb 23.2019 | 02:29 pm

Sherry S.

Lovely article! I personally never knew what kawaii was or is and if someone was wanting to know how to be as Kawaii as possible, I think you did a great job of giving great advice and tips! Some aspects of it are definitely out of my personal character and is not something I’m personally interested in. But I enjoyed the overall message to be kind to yourself, be polite to others, inspire others and do what makes you happy and comfortable. Those are all wonderful tips for everyone! Thank you for spreading positivity and good vibes 🙂

Feb 23.2019 | 12:08 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hello, Sherry!
    Thank you so much for reading my article, I’m so glad you like it, even if you are not Kawaii yourself 🙂
    Everyone should know of those tips, especially the one about being kind to yourself. Loving yourself changes the way you see the world and those around you, and you just feel better about things in general. ^^

    I really appreciate you taking the time to read my article, have a wonderful weekend!

    Feb 23.2019 | 02:35 pm


What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about Kawaii and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for how to be kawaii.
I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


Feb 28.2019 | 12:02 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much, Ali! I’m so glad that you like my post and that I was able to help. 🙂
    Soon I will implement a subscription area on my website so people can subscribe and follow my posts more easily! Hope to see you here again. 🙂
    Thanks again for your comment, have a wonderful weekend!

    Mar 02.2019 | 10:18 am


Hi Barbara. Awesome post!!
Reading through your post was like reliving the 70’s. That was what it was like for me.
I wonder if there was a name for it then too? Lol.

Mar 14.2019 | 09:00 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hey, Suzanne!
    Oh, that is so nice to hear! I’m glad to know kawaii already existed at that time, even if with a different name or no name at all. *-*
    Thank you so much for sharing that!

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Mar 15.2019 | 11:12 am

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