Blue Gel Slime
by Barbara Carrasco | 1:20 pm

Good evening, my little ones! Ogenki desu ka? This weekend I started working on a personal project of mine that I have been postponing for a while. I tried to make Slime!

Slime is everywhere these days. The chances are that if you are reading this, you already know what it is, possibly have played with it yourself, and like me, love it to death.

Truth be told, I haven’t played with slime myself before this little project, just watched endless videos of people playing with and making them, so I was very excited to make it and show you guys!

So, what exactly is a slime? Is it really that worth it and fun? Today I will be teaching you How to Make Slime at home and my thoughts on it. I chose a Unicorn theme with pastel colours and plenty of glitters. Come with me!

What’s a Slime?

Slime is what happens when you mix something called “sodium borate”, or Borax, with glue. By dissolving sodium borate in water and combining it with glue, it will make the glue thicker and more malleable, less liquid.

In sciency-terms, Slime, in its most classic form, is a kind of “Non-Newtonian” fluid. That means that how the slime responds and reacts depends on how you are playing with it. If you squeeze it hard or throw it at the table, for example, it is more tight and firm; but if you lift it slowly and let it pour into a bowl or slip through your fingers, it’s more loose and liquid.

That happens because the more stress you apply to the slime, the more its particles are going to squeeze together, making it act more like a solid. Pretty cool, huh?

I planned to make an extra Fluffy Unicorn Slime. It did not exactly work out how I intended, but I think I somewhat got there in the end! This is how it all went.


Classic Slime

How a plain, classic slime usually looks.


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For my first ever homemade slime, I got all my ingredients from Walmart. Nothing fancy, no specific brands. Here is what I used:

  • White Glue;
  • Shave Foam;
  • Borax and warm water;
  • Assorted Glitters;
  • Food colouring (it doesn’t really have to be food colouring, but that’s what I had so I used that ^^’);
  • A Bowl and a pretty spatula for mixing;
  • Pinky, my lawful assistant.


Slime Ingredients

Here is everything you need for your perfect Kawaii Slime!



Mixing Everything

To start, I used 1 tube of white glue and equal parts of shaving foam. Mixed it all until they had a smooth texture. If you would like, you can add the colour of your choice at this point. I preferred not to because I wanted to separate it later to make three different colours, so I went straight into the Borax.


Glue Slime

Mix the Glue with Shaving Foam.


I diluted 1 teaspoon of Borax into 1 cup of warm water and started pouring the mixture into the glue a little bit at a time, mixing it until it started taking form. I got a very cool, stretchy white slime, but not so fluffy and not enough to separate into three parts to colour them later. So I added more glue, shave foam and Borax to make it bigger, but without following much proportion.


White Slime

It already started feeling very slimy and cool!


That, I found out later, made my slime thicker than planned when it finally started to take form. It was still kind of fun to play with, but not as stretchy and fluffy as you would hope. It would break very easily and crumble in my hands.


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At this point, I started trying to fix it by adding shave foam and glue to get the right consistency, and I soon ran out of glue. So I paused my mess to run to Walmart to get more glue, and of course, I could not resist and got me some chicken nuggets on my way back ♥


Chicken Nuggets

I needed fuel for this long, sciency project, okay?


With more glue in hand, I continued with the process of fixing my mess. Adding just a little at a time, and occasionally some shaving foam as well, until I got back to my fluffy stretchy consistency! It was veeery good and satisfying, and just a little more wet than I thought it would be, but I still loved it!


Fluffy Slime

It really started taking form and getting fluffy!


Then, I started adding my food colouring. I separated the slime into three different bowls, and with a toothpick, I dropped a tiny bit of red in one, blue in the other, and both of them in the last one, just enough to get some lovely pastel pink, blue, and lilac colours for my slimes. Those colours always make me think of Unicorns, and that’s what I was going for here, guys! It looked soo pretty; I am so proud of my little unicorn slime ♥ Take a look at how kawaii and pretty it turned out to be!


Colourful Slime

My pretty pastel Unicorn Slime! ♥


After I played with the separate colours a bit, I mixed them all together for a big pretty lilac slime and added some glitter. I used a little of every one I got; there was white, pink, blue and some colours in between. It ended up looking SO good! I was a little afraid the glitter would make it less enjoyable to play, but it did not change anything at all! You can’t even feel the glitter, and it makes everything so much prettier.


Glitter Slime

Look how the glitter made it sooo kawaii. I love it!


When Things Got Pretty Good

After hours of playing with my new slime, I set it aside for the night. The next morning when I woke up, I noticed that my bowl of slime was filled with a watery liquid, which I am assuming is all that extra borax water I was trying to understand while making the slime. So I dumped all that liquid on the sink before playing with my slime again, and it was EVEN BETTER!

Now it really started getting fluffier, and it wasn’t so wet, so it felt amazing; I fell in love with it. I didn’t think it would actually work out so well in the end! One thing I did notice is that when you leave it in the bowl for too long, the colour kind of goes to the bottom of the slime, so every time I picked it up to play again, it was much colourful at the bottom, but after playing with it a while it all goes back to normal 🙂


Kawaii Fluffy Slime

At this point it was PERFECT. Just how I hoped it would be *-*


So Is It Really All That?

After long hours of study (which totally doesn’t mean just playing with slime while sitting on the floor watching my boyfriend play Super Smash Bros Ultimate), I have to say it really IS all that. It was such a fun experience, every part of it. I loved making it, feeling all the different textures in the process, and seeing how beautiful it turned out to be. I LOVED IT! I already started planning the next ones I’ll make, and even though about buying some to test them out. Of course, if I end up doing that, I’ll be here to tell you everything about my discoveries *-*

I hope you guys liked my Unicorn Slime as much as I did and learned how to make slime for yourselves. You should really give it a go at home! And if you do try it, make sure to let me know how it went in the comments below 😉

Thanks again everyone for being here with me, and I’ll see you all very soon!


Amanda Blaine

I have three kids and all three love it, me not so much. I find it in places I wish I didn’t after the fact. It doesn’t really matter to me what i like or do not like though, as a parent i do things to make my kiddo’s happy. Good job with the unicorn slime, looks awesome!

Jan 28.2019 | 05:11 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hello, Amanda!
    I can only imagine the places those slimes end up. It’s so cool that you still do this with your kids, even though it can be a hassle. I am sure they really appreciate that since it’s so much fun to play with slimes!
    Thank you so much for the comment! Have a wonderful week 🙂

    Jan 28.2019 | 05:38 pm


Hello…I have read your post, and I have found it really fun, My daughters will love it!!!

Jan 28.2019 | 06:22 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much for stopping by, Raul! I really hope your daughters like it. ^^
    Have a wonderful week!

    Jan 29.2019 | 12:16 am

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