Twin Lolita Shoes
by Barbara Carrasco | 12:12 am

Konbanwa, my little ones! How are you doing in this lovely evening?

Let’s talk about shoes. I love them, do you? I have lost count of the amount of time I have spent just browsing stores, both online and in person, looking for perfect shoes to match that one specific outfit that I have in mind. And today I want to talk about one style in particular: Lolita Shoes. They are incredibly kawaii, and you can use them with many outfits, not just your Lolita ones 😉 I am going to give you some tips on how and when to match them with your Lolita Outfits, as well as your everyday wear. Come with me!

What Are Lolita Shoes, Really?

There are a couple of different styles of Lolita Shoes, and some not exactly categorized under Lolita Shoes but are used by Lolitas as well. In general, they usually constitute of flats or high heels with bows, ribbons and more kawaii shapes. Being more specific than that, we can separate them into a few categories:

  • Mary-Jane, the most common type. The Mary-Janes are closed-toed, with a buckled strap across the instep of the shoe and a low heel. You can find variations of the Mary-Jane with extra straps and higher heels. There are also very similar shoes with the straps across the ankle and not the instep, which you can find with different names at the stores like Pumps, and sometimes keeping the name Mary-Jane or just plain Lolita Shoes.
  • Lolita Boots. You can see this style usually with Sweet and Classic Lolitas. They usually come in low heels, can go as far up as the knee, mid-calf or even ankle high recently. They may have lace-ups, buckles and ribbons or even a more simple and clean style, with not many details.
  • Ballet Flats. Like the name says, these are flats inspired by ballet shoes. They mostly come with very thin heels or even no heels at all, usually made of leather and can feature ribbons, lace-ups and leather roses. These also go very well with Classic and Sweet Lolitas Styles.


Gothic Lolita Shoes

Look at this beautiful option for a Gothic Lolita Outfit!


How Should I Match Them With My Style?

There are some things you will want to keep in mind when choosing the right shoe for your outfit.

White Shoes are really going to match white and pastel-coloured outfits, while Black Shoes will go really well with black or dark coloured outfits, like Navy blue or Carmine red.

If you go for Solid Colored Shoes, go with outfits where the most prominent colour matches the one on the shoe or is very similar.

Try to find details that match the style you are looking for, even if it is not a Lolita Outfit. If you are looking for a more sweet or kawaii look, go for ribbons, laces and hearts. For the more classic looks, opt for roses and laces. For Gothic vibes, crosses, bats and skulls are always a good choice.


Alice Cosplay With Lolita Shoes

Those Lolita flats match perfectly with that Alice in Wonderland dress!


How Should I Not Match Them With My Style?

Avoid too many sparkles and details. If there is too much glitter, gems, feathers and the such, it might end up looking more like a costume or prop for a play than a shoe fitting an outfit. If it draws more attention than the whole outfit and yourself because of its shine, something isn’t right.

Speaking of Lolita Outfits in particular, don’t use white shoes with full black outfits and vice-versa. For an everyday casual outfit it might match and work amazingly, but for Lolita Outfits, you will want it to make sense and tell a story, and it looks very out of place with very opposite colours like that.

It’s also good to mention that, if you are not comfortable walking in heels, it’s probably best to avoid the big ones for now. I know that boot looks absolutely stunning, but you will only hurt yourself trying to walk in those, okay? You can always practice with the smaller ones and go back to that sweet baby when you are ready for each other 😉


Coffee Mary-Jane

Be careful when matching solid colours with your outfits!


Oh, Barb, Which Lolita Shoes Should I Get?

Fret not, my sweet princesses! I have come across many different options for us, and here are my top choices:

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas High Heels Emma Women’s Mary Jane Pump

Floral Heels

Starting with a more Classic Style, we have these floral heels that are just stunning. With a cushioned inner sole, these shoes are very comfortable and can carry you through the whole day.

Give them a chance by checking them here.

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas Sailor Women’s Mary Jane Flat

Sailor Mary-Jane

These Sailor Mary-Janes are extremely cute and can match with many pieces in your wardrobe. Of very high-quality, they also have cushioned inner soles, so you don’t feel uncomfortable while walking around.

Take a look at them here for more information.

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas High Heels Spider Web Women’s Mary Jane Pump

Spider Web Heels

For the Gothic Outfits, we have these Spider Web Heels. With the same cushioned soles and top-quality, they are going to be an excellent upgrade for your wardrobe.

Check them out here.

Check out my other post where I talk about Lolita Fashion and its different Styles and Outfits.

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas High Heels Marie Antoinette Women’s Mary Jane Pump


Marie Antoinette Heels

These unique heels will give a whole new look to your Classic Outfit. Just as good as all the other Hot Chocolate Design models, they are elegant and just plain gorgeous.

See more information for yourself here.

Women’s Lace Trim Princess Lolita Cosplay Shoes Ankle Strap High Heel


Pink Mary Janes


These Lolita Shoes are a perfect match for your Sweet Lolita Outfit. They have the ribbon, the laces, many pastel colours you can choose from (even in coffee and apricot for that Classic Lolita 😉 )

Take a look at them here.

Japanese Style Sweet Bow Lace Princess Lolita Shoes


White Lolita Heels

These heels will look adorable with so many outfits! You get your choice of white, pastel pink, and beige, to match your Sweet Lolita Outfit and your everyday party look as well. They are very comfortable and fit very nicely in your feet.

You can check them out here.

In fact, these would match perfectly with these lace socks right here that I talked about on my last post!

Japanese Sweet Lolita Cosplay Shoes PU Leather Bow Strap Princess Pumps Mary Jane Shoes


Blue Mary Jane

This Mary-Jane comes in many different colours. You could match a black one with your Gothic Outfit, a white or pastel pink with your Sweet Lolita, a coffee or even a wine red with your Classic one (depending on your outfit). Besides, they are very comfortable and very durable.

Take a peek at them right here.

You can find some options for Tigh High Socks to match with these shoes at my other post.

Hot Chocolate Design Chocolaticas High Heels Doris Women’s Mary Jane Pump


Doris Lolita Heels

With a very Classic look, these heels are unique and stunning. You could even match them with a Gothic Lolita, depending on the outfit. With cushioned inner sole and top-quality you can expect from Hot Chocolate Design.

Give them a go and see for yourself here.

Susanny Womens Office Party Sweet Lolita Platform Chunky High Heel PU Lace up Ankle Boots


Pink Lolita Boots

These Ankle-High boots go perfect with any Lolita Outfit you choose, because of the many colour options. They are made from PU Leather and are just gorgeous.

Have a look at them right here.

Susanny Women’s Mid Calf Leather Boots High Heel Lace Up


Punk Lolita Boots

This is an option for the Punk Lolitas! Antiskid and made of Soft Leather, these Ankle High boots are very comfortable and will match perfectly that Punk Lolita Outfit.

Take a look right here.


Lolita Heels and All The Feels

No matter if you are a collector or just go shopping when you need, looking for shoes and choosing your special one is always a fun task. There were MANY shoes that did not make my list that I also loved with all my heart. But if I included them all, I would stay here writing about them for the rest of the week. I highly recommend you check Hot Chocolate Design and Lorie & Knight stores. They have plenty of options and good quality products. Also, make sure you check the right size before buying your shoes! Some models come with slightly different size measurements, so just take a look at the comments before proceeding with the purchase to see if someone mentioned buying a size bigger or smaller than they usually get 😉

It was a pleasure writing for you today! Have a wonderful week, and see you guys very soon <3



Wow ,this good for fashionista.Nice different kind of design.Keep up the good work 🙂

Jan 19.2019 | 02:20 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much, Bella! I’m glad you like my post 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jan 19.2019 | 02:42 am


Hi Barbara
What a statement all these shoes are making, wow!
Wonderful and I can see most of them complimenting many plain classy outfits and the look really comfortable too.
Thank you for such an interesting site with some originality.
Can’t wait to see what is next…..
Bush Lady.

Jan 19.2019 | 02:48 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    I’m so glad you like the shoes, Stella!
    Honestly, they really are very comfortable and so pretty. Hot Chocolate Design really excels at making these beauties, I would have them all if I could. Maybe one day… <3

    Thank you so much for the comment, I really appreciate it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jan 19.2019 | 03:01 am


Wow, what an amazing collection of shoes. I love then. These are vintage look at the same time very unique and stylish. I love the way they matches the outfits. Thank you for sharing this beautiful read.

Jan 19.2019 | 05:30 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much, Sarah! I’m glad you like the shoes and my post 😀
    Have a wonderful week!

    Jan 19.2019 | 12:41 pm


I’m so excited to find this list of such adorable lolita shoes!!! I love them all, lol. Thanks for mentioning about the sizing differences – I wonder if there’s actual measurements that I could just compare to the listing somehow? Or is it best to just rely on other people’s comments? Anyway, I’ll have to check out those sites you listed. Thanks so much for putting this together!

Jan 19.2019 | 07:33 am

    Barbara Carrasco

    Aren’t they all stunning?? I cannot pick a favourite! And yes, there are measurements! There is a size chart on every product page that you can use to find your feet size. You just need to draw your foot on a paper and match your size with the chart 🙂 Hope this helps!

    Thank you so much for passing by and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful week 😀

    Jan 19.2019 | 12:47 pm

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