Kawaii Wig
by Barbara Carrasco | 9:01 pm

MapofBeauty Wig Review – Multi-Color Lolita Wig

Hello, my precious plushies! I believe you will all agree with me when I say that wigs are a big part of Lolita Fashion. Be it for Sweet, Gothic, Classic or any style of

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Blue Gel Slime
by Barbara Carrasco | 1:20 pm

How To Make Slime – I Made A Unicorn Slime!

Good evening, my little ones! Ogenki desu ka? This weekend I started working on a personal project of mine that I have been postponing for a while. I tried to make Slime! Slime is

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Nintendo Switch
by Barbara Carrasco | 9:14 pm

Kawaii Games – My Favourite Games of All Time!

My Little Pumpkins! How is this beautiful day treating you? More than fine, I hope. I have absolutely LOVED video games since I was very little (So… Yesterday? Haha. Very funny, Barbara), and they

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Twin Lolita Shoes
by Barbara Carrasco | 12:12 am

Lolita Shoes – The Best Matches For Your Outfits.

Konbanwa, my little ones! How are you doing in this lovely evening? Let’s talk about shoes. I love them, do you? I have lost count of the amount of time I have spent just

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by Barbara Carrasco | 9:39 pm

Thigh High Socks – How to Look Kawaii AND Fashion

Hello, my little ones! How are you doing? I firmly believe that every woman should have at least a few good high socks in her wardrobe, be it so we can stay warm and

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Totoro Squishy
by Barbara Carrasco | 9:59 pm

Kawaii Squishies and Where to Find Them

Ohayōgozaimasu my little ones! Today I am going to be talking about one of my favourite toys: Kawaii Squishes! I love everything about them. Kawaii Squishies are fun, very helpful, easy to play, so

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Lolitas with Hello Kitty
by Barbara Carrasco | 11:00 am

Lolita Fashion – Understanding the Style

Kon’nichiwa my little ones! How are you doing ^^? Before I start talking about the products I like, let me explain a little about one of the styles I’ll be covering here, the Lolita

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by Barbara Carrasco | 5:54 am

About Barbara

Hello everyone and Welcome to You Kawaii! I have always loved the Lolita/Kawaii style of fashion, and it is something I have been searching and purchasing for myself for a while now. Here is

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