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Hello, my little kittens! How are you doing today?

Let’s face it, we all know who Pusheen is, right? And if we’re honest, we are all deeply in love with it.

Pusheen has been around for many years now and I have been obsessed with her (Oh yeah, her.) from the beginning.

From wallpapers to stickers, emojis to gifs, stuffed animals to tablecloths, Pusheen cat won a space in everyone’s hearts and homes. But when did it all start? Who created her? What does she do in her free time? Where can I get e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g Pusheen related? Fret not, my minions, cause that’s what Babs is here for. ♥

Pusheen History

Pusheen was created in May 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, based on Duff’s childhood tabby cat. She was created for the Everyday Cute webcomics, along with some of her very cute friends like Pip and Stormy. Her name comes from the Irish word puisin, which means kitten in English. So kawaii, right? *-*

Pusheen Sleeping

She is so adorable, always ♥

Pusheen Friends

There are too many friends to count, but these are some of the cutest ones:

  • Ace

Look at that little tongue ♥


  • Pascal

The cutest ouch mouse in the land.


  • Pip (and Cheek!)
Pip and Cheek

Look at all the fun they are having!


  • Stormy

Adorable little fluff ball *-*


  • Crayola

Cutie Birdie ♥


  • Duncan

Hi there, buddy!

My Favourite Pusheen Styles

Pusheen likes to dress as many different animals and creatures, and they are all so very adorable. These are just some of my most favourite ones ever:


  • Dinosaur
Dino Pusheen

Rawr! So fierce.


  • Mermaid
Mermaid Pusheen

Lovely Tea Party!


  • Fancy
Fancy Pusheen

Such a Sir.


  • Dragon
Dragon Pusheen

Ready to toast dangerous marshmallows!


  • Unicorn (or as I like to call it, The very best like no one ever was)
Unicorn Pusheen

There really is no going wrong with Unicorns.

Thingamabobs We Should All Have

Yeah, we’ve got the wallpapers on our phones, stickers and gifs in all our conversations, but what about all those sweet, sweet goodies? How can I fill every single room of my house with Pusheen stuff? Where can I finally buy a Pusheen couch so I can finally embrace my deep desires?

Okay, maybe I went a bit too far. But here are some very nice gift ideas for yourself or that Pusheen lover you want to surprise. ♥


I am Pusheen the Cat

I am Pusheen The Cat

Best Feature: Toe Beans

This is the official book by Clair Belton, filled with plenty of comics and artwork from Pusheen and her friends, including some original ones that were never published online.

Read many kawaii stories and learn everything you need to know about this cute little kitten. *-*

Get one for yourself right here.


Gund Pusheen Slippers and Sleep Mask

Pusheen Slippers and Mask

Softness Overload.

This pair goes just perfect together, even if sold separately. The Slippers are 12″ and very comfortable. The Mask is 7″ and is made with adjustable elastic. They go so well together that I don’t know why Gund hasn’t made a kit yet.

They are both so adorable and kawaii you will never want to take them off. ♥

You can find the slippers here and the mask here.

Pusheen Ceramic Bowl with Chopsticks


Pusheen Ceramic Bowl

Doesn’t it make you want to eat everything out of that bowl?


I am very in love with this rice bowl. It’s so kawaii with its pastel colours and Pusheen’s different faces. AND there is the little space for leaving the chopstick. Could it be any more perfect?

Made with high-quality material, the bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe, and it comes in a very cute gift box. *-*

Grab one right here.


Pusheen Sock in a Mug Set

Pusheen Sock In A Mug

Perfect for cuddling on the couch with a hot chocolate and your favourite human.

I have an ever-growing mug collection, so I am kind of crazy about them. And this one is no exception.

It is such a pretty mug, and the socks are so kawaii with little paws in the soles. I love this set so much. ♥

You can find this great pair here.


Fancy Pusheen Stuffed Animal


Fancy Pusheen

Why of course you can hug me again, dear human.


Fancy Pusheen was one of the first ones I fell in love with. He is so classy and sophisticated, and yet so cozy and cuddly. It’s like everything I have ever wished for. And this plush does a wonderful job in proving that.

This plushie is so soft, made of washable material and just the perfect size for you to hug and be happy forever.

Give it a loving home right here.


Pusheen The Cat Double Layer Lunchbox

Pusheen Lunchbox

Food. More Food. Yas.



This 2-Layer lunchbox is cute, funny and practical. With pastel colours and plenty of space to store all your favourite snacks and lunch, you can put it in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

It also comes with a plastic fork and spoon to make your lunch even easier.

Get one for yourself here.


Pusheen Coloring Book

Pusheen Coloring Book

Colour Pusheen in all your favourite pastel colours ♥



Also by the original artist Claire Belton, this colouring book is full of adorable little drawings of our favourite cat and her friends.

With many different scenarios, this is a very fun and kawaii way to spend your time. Also good to mention, colouring books can really help people with anxiety, so that’s a nice bonus. ^^

You can find this lovely gift right here.


Pusheen Tpot Trex

Pusheen Tea Rex

One or two spoons of pun in your tea, sir?



Puns make the world a better place. Cats and tea too. So a Tea Pot about a T-Rex Pusheen is everything we always needed but never knew.

This Tea Pot is so kawaii and simple, its design is clean and elegant, while also being fun and cute. Instant love. ♥

Fall in love and take one home here.


Favourite Pastime: Collecting

So, what have we learned today? One, that I obviously don’t have enough Pusheen things in my life. And two, that she is just so adorable that she deserves to be this famous.

You don’t even need to search that much to find much more kawaii stuff with Pusheen in it. I had to leave so many things out of the list. More mugs and cups, doormats, phone cases, there is literally everything. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your tastes. *-*

I hope I was able to teach you some new stuff and help you find nice little things. What was your favourite item from this list? Is there something I left out that you love? Let me know in the comments some of the Pusheen trinkets you love most. ♥


Ivan Brozincevic

😀 this is one of the best articles I’ve seen online lately! Pusheen, the cat is a pop star no doubt at all. 🙂

Mar 30.2019 | 03:26 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Thank you so much, Ivan! *-* Pusheen is so amazing, isn’t she? ♥

    Mar 30.2019 | 04:23 pm


This was a very thorough and well detailed article on Pusheen the cat. I had always seen images on the internet on sites such as imgur but I never really knew the background story. Pusheen has been successful I know those guys have made some money!
Thanks for educating me.

Mar 30.2019 | 03:42 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Hi, Bob! I’m so glad you like my post. I’m happy that I was able to teach you something new today. ^^
    We always see her everywhere, it’s nice to know the story behind the character.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Mar 30.2019 | 04:25 pm

Heroes United

I never knew Pusheen was so popular until I read about it here. It could be in Hello Kitty’s league one day!

Mar 30.2019 | 06:29 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Right?? And she totally deserves it *–*
    I’m so glad she is getting bigger and bigger. ♥

    Mar 31.2019 | 07:07 pm


Wow there’s so much cute Pusheen stuff in your post, I’m not sure what my favourite would be! Maybe the rice bowl? Or the teapot? We do see Pusheen everywhere and I didn’t know her story until now – and her friends are a cool bunch too, I need to look out more for these characters. Your kawaii site is very entertaining – thanks so much for covering so many cute things!

Mar 30.2019 | 11:03 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    I looove them all so much too! But I think I’d have to go with the rice bowl. It’s so kawaii *-*
    Pusheen and her friends are all so cute and funny, it’s nice to know where these ideas come from, right? ♥
    And I am so glad you like my posts! Thank you so much, Lindsay 🙂

    Mar 31.2019 | 07:10 pm


So that’s where that came from lol. I’ve seen them as stickers on Facebook but didn’t realize they had so many different products too.

I just love the rice bowl. These would make great gift ideas!! But I might end up keeping them instead haha.

Apr 05.2019 | 07:27 pm

    Barbara Carrasco

    Right?? And there are so many different bowls too! I want to collect them all ♥

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, Suzanne *-*

    Apr 06.2019 | 11:54 am

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